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Design Professional

    Design professionals attend 4 or 5 year full time approved courses to achieve their primary qualification. They often take a year out to gain experience. After qualifying they usually train with experienced professionals to learn professional practice - office administration, statutory compliance, procurement, contracts and their responsibilities under the law. This is the level of competence that they bring to any project.


    Architects are competent to comment on any matter relating to buildings. Interior designers focus on environmental design within a building. Other specialist disciplines include - landscape and conservation architects, planning and traffic consultants as well as civil, structural, mechanical and electrical engineers. Several independent professional bodies represent these disciplines including the RIAI, the IDI, the IEI and the IPI


    Developments in the legislation has led to increasing oversight from financial instutions and members of the legal profession, focussing clients and employers on the need to retain suitably qualified competent design professionals to design and advise on the procurement of buildings. Full certification is now required on handover and competent control of financial outlay is required from inception to completion.


    Fees are the reward for providing professional services. They allow us stay in business and develop our practice into the future. Fees reflect our level and type of involvement in a project. Fees may be charged (i) as a percentage of the nett cost of a project, i.e. a commercial development (ii) on an hourly basis, i.e. during investigative or remedial work (iii) on a set fee basis i.e. making a planning application for a private house.
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