Our Practice

Michael O'Neill and Yvonne O'Neill (Quigley) work together in the O'Neill Quigley & Associates design office.

We try to avoid unnecessary labels, seeing ourselves as building design professionals, as opposed to anything else.

We're equally at home creating a painting or designing a piece of furniture | a public amenity space | a building.

Having said that, we are both professionally qualified graduates from the Dublin Institute of Technology.

  • Michael O'Neill holds the Dip.Arch.DIT qualification from Bolton Street and the B.Arch.Sc. from Trinity College Dublin.

  • Yvonne O'Neill holds the Dip.Des.DIT qualification from the College of Marketing and Design Parnell Square

  • Qualifications or design ability alone do not make a successful or sustainable practice.

    To that we add a wide range of project experience and competence in legal and compliance work.

    We combine that with forty years of professional experience and a unique sensitivity to our clients needs.

    Finally we offer competitive fees and an unsurpassed "after hours and weekends" service to our clients.

    The Designers

      Yvonne worked in Paris and London before returning to Dublin in 1990. She met Michael in Project Architects. We formed O'Neill Quigley & Associates in 1993 and worked on a variety of commercial, leisure and industrial projects with Project Architects until 1998, when we decided to expand our client base. We work almost exclusively in the private sector.

    Our Office

      We are based in Killiney, County Dublin, which allows us direct access to clients throughout the Greater Dublin Area and puts all of Ireland within half a day's travel. With direct flights to London, Europe and America and with Ireland having strong travel and trade links to the rest of the world, we are strategically located to serve our clients and attend on site on a global basis.

    Professional Indemnity

      We carry Professional Indemnity Insurance Cover from AON in excess of 2 M Euro any one claim, subject to conditions, because one significant claim could seriously affect us. This level of cover is sufficient for our range of projects, from large private houses to medium scale mixed use developments. Additional cover is available to our office for special projects.

    Paperless Office

      As co-ordinator of the design team we promote and encourage exchange of information using shared file formats via e-mail. We estimate this cuts down the time to lodge statutory applications by up to 50% compared to hardcopy. During detail design this allows for instant transfer of ideas. To transfer information to clients and non-building professionals we use PDF files.
    O'Neill Quigley & Associates is a Sole Tradership Registered in Ireland No.128321 --- Registered Office: 180 Ballinclea Heights, Killiney, County Dublin, Ireland

    Contacts: | M 087-2870903 | E onq@indigo.ie | T 01-2354808 | F 01-2354680 | Certificate of Registration | VAT No. 3815033K