Professional Services

Providing Professional Services to our clients is what defines our office.

We strive to be both competent and accommodating, aims which can sometimes be mutually exclusive.

To do both well, we fully engage with our clients from the outset and seek their active involvement in defining our brief.

We advise our clients about their responsibilities under the Planning, Building Control and Safety Health and Welfare at Work Acts.

Increasing regulatory and statutory obligations means that seeking specialist advice from consultants has become the norm.

For example where our built work is to be certified the schedule A assurances include a certificate from a structural engineer.

On larger houses there are benefits in retaining a quantity surveyor, a structural engineer and a mechanical and electrical engineer.

On general commercial work, a traffic consultant allows us to put forward a credible, well-supported traffic managements plan.

On more specialised projects, the early appointment of consultants allows us to foresee and avoid problems later on the project.

To minimize fee outlay, we advise on when and in what regard each consultant should be employed.

Our experience is that a co-ordinated Design Team approach delivers best results for our clients.

Briefing Process

    A building is the result of several competing forces: the needs and desires of the client, the designers intention and mode of expression, the limitations of current technology, the compliance with statutory requirements and the understanding - as the work progresses - of what the building itself must become. The briefing and feedback process should address and control these issues.

Health and Safety

    The legislation obliges us to avoid injuries and prevent fatalities during construction work as well as support the safety of employees in the workplace. The designers knowledge must extend from working practices on site and the limitations of unskilled site operatives to the detail design of fit outs. Building professionals should draw clients attention to their responsibilities under the legislation.

Statutory Compliance

    The documents required at projct completion is significant, moving from the former standard of Opinions of Compliance, As built Drawings and Commissioning Manuals to include the newer requirements of the Health and Safety File, Disabled Access Certificate and Building Energy Rating certificate. These end results can only be delivered by employing the appropriate design professionals from an early stage.

Detail Design

    The building design described in the planning and fire safety certificate applications - taking into account the main health and safety requirements - sets the path for the detail design. The sourcing of ambient energy and Building Regulation compliance now loom large, given the Government's desire for Carbon Neutral dwellings by 2013 and the EU's intent that all buildings be Carbon Neutral by 2018.
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